Thursday, September 18, 2008

Review: Illium Software Screen Capture

Title: Illium Software’s Screen Capture

Description:  A great screen capture utility for Windows Mobile touch devices

Compatibility: ALL Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, 2003 SE, WM 5 Pocket PC, WM 6.x Professional and Classic devices

Price: Free!

Tested with: Dell Axim x50v, Dell Axim X5, Toshiba G900, HTC Touch, iMate JAQ3

Before I get into the interesting software reviews I wanted to give some credit to Illium for giving away this great tool.  It’s worked on every device I’ve tried it on and has worked fairly reliably.  

• Free
• Saves BMP full screen images on ANY new Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Pro device
• Capture is map able to hardware keys
• Capture can be set to go off after a configurable amount of time
• Uses less than 100k of storage space and about 6k of memory when running

• It doesn’t specify which hardware key you’re mapping the capture too so you’ll have to guess and experiment
• BUG – if you change settings the timer option to take screen captures no longer works
• No Non-Touch screen version available (sorry smartphone users)

Despite a few minor bugs this is a great tool and I always keep it installed.  

Recommended to: Anyone who needs a screen capture utility

Where to buy/download:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mobile Software Reviews

I'll be using this blog space to post reviews of new mobile software. It will be focused primarily on games but I will be including applications along the way.

As I'm an avid Windows Mobile user I'll be focusing on Windows Mobile Professional and Standard software but I will occasionally include software for other platforms. Most notably: Blackberry, iPhone, UIQ and Symbian Series 60.

For Windows Mobile Professional Reviews I'll be using a variety of devices including:
The HTC Touch (since its very popular)
The Toshiba G900 (not popular but has an amazing WVGA screen)
The Dell Axim x51v (an older but very good VGA device)
The i-Mate JAQ3 (landscape focused, lower CPU power device)
and the Palm 750 (so we have a square screen device represented)

Since games and applications come from a variety of sources with a huge variation in cost I won't be giving a rating out of 10 or 100. What I will be providing is useful information on performance, compatibility, ease of use and enjoyment. And I will be using some standard testing methods to ensure reviews are comparable with one another.

Thanks for reading and please post questions and feedback.